Book Ads | A Guide

I really enjoy making my own book ads for social media. I realize this is not the case for everyone, but there are some concepts that can make it easier. I thought I'd share some of my thoughts on design/my tips and tricks (some of which may be pretty obvious, but that's fine - fundamental [...]

Short story: Thompson, Ellis, and Patrol

A side fic from the Aestus fictional world Thompson plunked himself down on the ground and reached for the cookies. He grabbed two and stuffed them in his mouth. Ellis yanked the tin away. Thompson half-dove as he reached over, sputtering in protest, only to be met by a broad palm squashed against his face [...]

Producing My Own Audiobook! (Part 1)

I decided I wanted to try producing an audiobook after several months of people asking if I had one/for accessibility reasons/looking at the market and realizing audiobooks were a major trend. I used to hate how I sounded reading aloud - in fact, reading aloud was a source of terror as a child, because I [...]

Brief Updates for the Writing Community

Announcement: There is an Indie Book Community discord server in the works but non-indie writers are welcome too (as long as they’re supportive of indie publishing and such)! I know many of you are querying, and that’s totally fine - please join us! (Invite may expire in 7 days.) I’m S. Z. Attwell and can [...]


I use Twitter heavily for my book marketing. In the interest of not losing that platform in case the bulk of my followers went elsewhere, I decided to look farther afield and see what was out there. I had heard of Mastodon, but was intimidated by the decentralized platform, the new terminology, etc. - until [...]